Each year we grow a few crops specifically for folks who want to come out to the farm and you-pick. Some of these crops you may also receive in your share (green beans and basil) others are only being grown for you-pick (flowers, okra, and cherry tomatoes).

You-Pick Field Status: Open for Kale; Some Raspberries also open

Here’s How it Works:

Every week that there is you-pick available we will list what is available (and the amounts each shareholder is allowed) in the weekly newsletter, below the share. The first time you come to the farm we ask that you find one of the organic team (in the organic shed or out in the fields) for a you-pick orientation.

You will need to bring your own harvest containers and – if you are interested in okra or flowers – your own pruners or scissors.  All you-pick crops will also be marked in the field with a “you-pick” sign. In 2020 the main you-pick field is located south of the packing shed building, adjacent to the black fence bordering the Waveland Historic site. It is very close to the farm’s access road. See map below.

We also have a perennial you-pick field with additional herbs and flowers. Only take cuttings, not whole plants. Only harvest items that are ready. The adjacent rhubarb plot is not available for you-pick. See map below.

Lastly, we also have a you-pick raspberries and blackberries. See second map for location.


The you-pick field is open for select crops. Crops ready for You-Pick have a small metal “You Pick” sign located at the front of that bed.

Once open, you may come to the farm for you-pick anytime during the normal farm hours, Monday through Friday 7:30am-4:00pm, with extended hours on Thursday until 6:30pm. We are closed on all major holidays including Memorial Day, 4th of July observed (July 3rd in 2020), and Labor Day.

We ask that you park your vehicle in the parking lot and walk to the you-pick area to keep vehicles out of our fields. In 2020 you may also pull up in the grass next to the you pick field, which is next to the exit lane for Waveland Museum Ln. If there is an issue of accessibility, please talk to a staff member for guidelines.

When coming for You-Pick you are required to follow our COVID-19 safety protocols. Required actions to participate in You-Pick include:

  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer prior to harvesting
  • Clean and sanitize your own harvest tools with soap and water, bleach solution, or disinfectant wipes. You must also provide your own containers to take items home.
  • Follow 6-10 ft social distancing in the field when other people are present in the field
  • Face masks are requested when other people are present in the field – cloth masks are acceptable

If protocols are not followed, we reserve the right to discontinue the You-Pick operation. Please follow our guidelines so everyone can continue to enjoy the You-Pick.

Directions to the Farm:

The Horticulture Research Farm is located on the southwest corner of Man O’War and Nicholasville Road. From the UK campus, head south (towards Nicholasville) on Nicholasville Road. Turn right onto Man O’War Boulevard. Take the first left turn (there is a stoplight) onto the farm.  During the day, you will need to pull within inches of the farm gate to trigger it to open.  Once on farm road stay straight, eventually passing a large parking lot to your right and several large greenhouses on your right. Once you have passed the greenhouses you will see a small parking lot on your left. You’ve made it to the Organic Farm!  Park in this lot and find a member of the CSA team.