Happy CSA Day: We’re Doing a Giveaway!

Happy national CSA day!

As a part of our valuable CSA community, we want to say THANK YOU for being a part of our “farm family” at UK.

Anyone who has or will be signing up for UK CSA before midnight on Saturday February 29th will be entered to win a $25 gift certificate good for our Farm Stand goodies. The lucky winner could be you!

In addition, we are hoping to hit 200 members by this weekend before our early bird prices go up. So consider this our stretch goal: if we hit 200 members by midnight on Saturday February 29th, we will give away an additional $25 gift certificate to the UK CSA Farm Stand AND a free bulk box of veggies this year  (Thanksgiving Box or Tomato Canning box, winner’s choice) to a 2nd lucky winner.

Grab your CSA membership spot here!

CSA membership builds community between farmers and customers, between members themselves, and there are many ways how – we highlighted the You-Pick operation earlier this month and there is another list of ways here.

Thanks for being a part of our community.

UK CSA Supports Farmers

UK CSA supports farmers in myriad ways.

Through tours we expose a large cross section of students and visitors — over 1,000 annually — to what farm work is really about day to day, its challenges and benefits. Through hands-on learning in our SAG397 Apprenticeship, students are prepared to know what it takes to farm and sets them up to take the next step. Our staff expand their knowledge so they can start or manage farms in their future. Other farmers in the area visit us and talk to us as we help them learn from our mistakes and successes, and hear reviews of equipment, or help them troubleshoot any farming issue. We also host field days and workshops so give back to the farming community.

Why does this matter:

  • Filling the gap as farmers age and recruiting new farmers into this career
  • Teaching farmers how to improve production efficiency which is also resource efficiency
  • Improving quality of product to create happy customers
  • Educating students on how to farm sustainably as we rethink our systems in light of climate change and passing peak oil

We care about the future of farming! More info here.


This program achieves so many objectives that are important to all of us! It supports farming education, keeps money in our local economy, challenges us to eat healthfully and try new things, and lessens our environmental impact as consumers. AND it’s a great value! Go UK CSA!

Okay, one more! We can’t resist.

I so looked forward every week to picking up my fresh veggies!  Great variety and quality was impeccable.  Between the CSA and my own garden, I never had to step foot into the produce section of a grocery store!  Definitely UK CSA receives my highest marks and I would recommend to all looking to bring the best to their families table!

Psst… don’t forget that tomorrow is CSA Day! Check back here for an exciting announcement

CSA Membership and Your Health

It seems like an obvious statement, that joining a CSA that is based in a vegetables, will garner better health.

Yet the fact is a CSA membership is unique in that it will introduce more (quantity) and varied (quality) vegetables, fruits, and herbs in your diet than the average American consumes. You may find yourself eating a more significantly vegetable-based diet. Your patterns of cooking might change. Your grocery expenditures should go down as you cook and enjoy eating more with the CSA. But a CSA sets you up for success for present and future health. Now we are getting data behind this thanks to the voucher program in partnership with UK Health & Wellness and KY Farm Share Coalition. CSA members reported fewer doctor visits and less pharmacy expenditures after their 22 week CSA membership. Wow! We are excited to see more data as the voucher program expands in 2020.

Join a CSA for Health.

Sign up here! 


It is an amazing program to be able to pick up fresh local produce at an affordable price. This program has introduced us and somewhat forced us to learn about new vegetables and how to prepare them that tastes best.

CSA is for the Planet

Lots of reasons to join a CSA, but a big one is it benefits the planet!

More info here: Join CSA for the Planet.

Did you know your food only travels 4.4 miles from our farm to UK campus? If you pick up on the farm, your food travels ZERO miles. Sign up here to choose your pick up spot.

Lots of other ways our organic and sustainable-focused production system benefits the planet:

  • drip irrigation is 95-99% more efficient use of water
  • perennial areas, flowers, and cover crops support the pollinators and beneficial insects
  • our farm is solar powered and has enough energy to put back into the grid even after our own use for all our organic unit facilities
  • “seconds” on our farm are not wasted; they go to GleanKY for distribution to food banks and organizations that serve those in need
  • waste is composted on farm to recycle the nutrients and reduce deposits in the landfill
  • organic certification limits the types of pesticides released in the environment and reduces overall toxicity load on the environment
  • using plastic as a petroleum product to cover planting areas is a tradeoff that allows us to conserve more moisture and reduce tillage through cultivation
  • our staff choose to ride bikes around the farm as much as possible to reduce use of fuel-guzzling vehicles
  • use of cover crops year round and giving our fields a fallow year in their rotation builds our soil health and tilth
  • & more!


The UK CSA is perfect for us.  In addition to the incredible produce, the people are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.  The program communicates very well, and sends us great information and photos that leaves us looking forward to our basket each week! We have joined the UK CSA for many years, and plan for many more!

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Celebrating CSA Farmers

We are celebrating CSA farmers this week and talking about the top reasons to join a CSA. Last year we did a series on these reasons.

Why Join a CSA? Join for Value!

Perks of a CSA at the University of Kentucky include:

  • fresh food
  • organic food
  • local food
  • flavorful food
  • sustainably produced food
  • new varieties of crops
  • heirloom varieties
  • unlimited you-pick
  • knowing where your food comes from
  • knowing how your food is grown
  • meeting your farmers
  • meeting student farmers for the next generation of farmers and farming advocates
  • investment in your health
  • monetary savings
  • meeting your neighbors and co-workers
  • trying new things
  • learning new recipes
  • & more!

TODAY: Organic Veggies For Sale 4-6pm

Farm Stand sale is TODAY, Thursday February 20th, from 4-6pm at our usual spot off of the Orange Parking Lot.

This will be the last call for several items that will not be available until later this spring or even until the fall.

Items for sale will include:

+ Brussels Sprouts, 1 lb carton $4 or 3 cartons for $10 – last until fall!
+ Turmeric, 1/2 lb carton, $7 – last until fall!
+ Curly Kale, .75 lb bag, $5
+ Collard greens, bunch, $3
+ Microgreens, $2 carton
+ Sunflower Shoots, $2 carton
+ Butternut Squash, $2 each – last until fall!
+ Garlic, 2 for $3 – last until midsummer!
+ Green Cabbage, $3 head
+ Beets, $3/lb – we will bring extra!
+ Hakurei turnip roots, $2/lb
+ Purple Top turnip roots, $1.50/lb
+ Rutabaga, 3 lbs for $4
+ Sweet Potatoes, 4 lb bag for $10

We accept cash, check, and credit card on site for payment. Please bring bags to take items at home.

Questions about the 2020 CSA? We’ll be happy to talk with you about our upcoming season. Early bird rate ends February 29!