Psst… CSA Prices Go Up Tomorrow!

Psst… today is the last day to get a 2020 UK CSA share at the current rate… Prices go up April 1st!

Register here:

We also have only a handful of spots left.  Grab yours while you can!

As another reminder, $200 vouchers are still available for eligible UK employees. Check out your UK Health & Wellness dashboard to claim one.

Announcing a New Partnership

Our Farm Stand is now accepting pre-orders for delivery on Thursday April 2nd from 4-6pm – on farm only! Check out our offerings this week here:

Last Friday, you might have caught a post at UK Now about a new partnership between Creation Gardens and UK to put more local products into the hands of consumers – you!

As a supplement to our early season, and as a way to continue to support the farmers who feed our campus community, UK has worked with Creation Gardens to create a new direct-to-consumer option for those interested in supporting Kentucky farms. This is our way of finding a home for the incredible food that was destined for our dining halls, and that home can be yours! The program is called “Local Food Connection Household Market.”

There’s no commitment required, and you can use the service to supplement your existing CSA/Farm Stand purchases with locally raised proteins, eggs, and even mushrooms. New products will be added as new vendors come on-line and the season progresses.

Read more here:

To take advantage of this partnership, create an account and shop the additional offerings here:

Both the Local Food Connection Household Market orders AND the UK CSA Farm Stand orders can be picked up jointly at the UK South Farm on Thursdays from 4-6pm.  Two orders, but one pick up! We are happy to be a host location for this food delivery option and support both our patrons (with more offerings) and our farming friends. #TeamKentucky #TogetherKY

Farm Stand Today: Items for Sale and New Protocols

Today we are having a Farm Stand sale ON FARM ONLY from 4pm – 6:30pm.

Farm Stand sales are for a la carte items; this is not included with CSA membership, but is open to CSA members and non-CSA members alike. If you missed our pre-ordering window, we have the items listed below available for walk-up sales. You are also welcome to add items to an existing pre-order.

Directions to the Farm:

Farm address is 4321 Emmert Farm Ln. Please enter from Man O War Blvd. The gate should be open – if it is closed, please pull up very close to trigger the sensor and it will open for you.

Follow the gravel road to the first parking lot on your LEFT. Park here.

EXTRA Items for Sale Today:

  •  1/2 lb of Salanova Lettuce mix – $4
  • 1/2 lb of Spinach – $4
  • Green Onions – $2
  • Carrots – $3
  • Microgreens – $2
  • Beets , 2 lbs – $6
  • Turnips, 2 lbs – $3
  • Rutabagas, 3 lbs – $4
  • Sweet Potatoes, 4 lbs – $10
  • Ginger Powder – $4
  • Turmeric Powder – $4
  • Tote Bags – $10

Sorry, all plant starts sold out very quickly. We hope to have more soon!

New Protocols:

If you are high risk and/or not comfortable coming to the stand in person for your pre-order, you may text or call Kristi at 859-552-4165 and we will have a staff member bring your items to your car trunk in the parking lot.

We will allow walk up sales. Please follow sign directions as we will have folks checking in and folks leaving in 2 different lanes. Please keep 6 feet of distance between you and the person in front of you. If the waiting line is full, please wait in your car until the line shortens. Thank you in advance for your patience.

At check in, be ready with payment. If you’d like additional items, you can add those to your order at this time. We encourage payment by credit card.

Please still bring your own bags with you. If you ordered a tote bag, we will pack your order in the tote bag.

Your purchased items will be brought to the table in a bin. Please remove your items from the bin yourself, and leave the empty bin on the table.

We are grateful for your support of the farm as we all navigate this new reality together. We welcome feedback and are keen to make sure you are comfortable with our protocols for your vegetable pick up.

UK CSA Farm Stand Thursday

It’s Monday and we are now accepting pre-orders for a UK CSA spring Farm Stand.

What is a UK CSA Farm Stand? It is an opportunity to pre-order a la carte items and pick them up this Thursday. This is not part of the CSA, but is a way for both CSA members and non-CSA members to get a couple items before the main season gets underway. It operates similar to a farmers market.

We will be doing pre-orders for weekly Farm Stands this spring. We are turning a corner at the farm as weather is warming up and we will be ramping up production for spring sales. In addition to veggies, we will have plants for sale too. This week we have some early veggie starts available in packs of 4. More vegetables, herbs, and a ton of flowers will also be made available soon. Items are in somewhat limited supply at this juncture, so some maximum allowed quantities are implemented in order to serve our customer base best.

To place a pre-order, click here!

You will need to create a simple account with an email address to track your orders. “Shop” and add items to your cart. When done, click “Checkout” at top right. We cannot accept payment online at this time, so please bring payment to pick up.

Pre-Ordering window will close midnight on WEDNESDAY.  Note: when items sell out, they disappear from the store front. If we have more than we estimated for any of the sold out items, we will include them in our Thursday Farm Stand email.


Due to COVID-19, we are unable to hold our Farm Stand on campus. Therefore, spring Farm Stand sales will be for On-Farm Pick-Up ONLY. Date of pick up is THURSDAY MARCH 26th, from 4pm-6:30pm. We are extending hours of pick up until 6:30pm this week.

Instructions for pick up will be sent by email with your order confirmation.

New Policies:

-Please respect social distancing. Do not crowd the tables and be patient!

-Please pay by credit card if able.

-Walk up sales still permitted should we have extra items but pre-ordering is highly encouraged to make everything quicker and smoother at this time.


If you have questions, let us know:

Why Choose CSA Now?

With the flux in our society over COVID-19, we are seeing major disruptions to our lives. So why would you think of choosing a CSA share now?

  1. When you choose CSA, you know your farmer. At UK CSA, in addition to being certified organic, we follow GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), have a Food Safety Manual implemented across the farm, and train all our employees and students in food safety. We will also be glad to listen to your concerns and keep communication open and transparent about our procedures.
  2. When you choose CSA, your food is not in the global market stream. Fewer hands touch your food, and that should give you peace of mind. In addition, the FDA states that food produced in the United States is not seen as being a risk for COVID-19 transmission.
  3. When you choose CSA, you get your food in less crowded environments. Share picks up are frequently outside or direct from the farm! At UK CSA, we deliver both outside on campus or in our open-air pack shed at the farm. Lots of air flow and sunshine is more pleasant than indoor groceries and supermarkets.
  4. When you choose CSA, you invest in your health. Our food is fresh, nutrient-dense, organic, and will give you plenty of servings of diverse fruits and vegetables every week for 22 weeks. Healthy eating supports your immune system so you can better fight off disease and/or recover.

We have filled over 200 spots in the UK CSA. We have surpassed our 2019 numbers. However we do have a membership cap. We cannot support more than 250 shares from our farm. If you want to be a part of the 2020 UK CSA season, please sign up today! Click here to grab your spot.

Other important UK CSA dates:

  • Monday March 23 – pre orders begin for a farm stand of veggies, sold a la carte for delivery Thursday March 26
  • March 30 is last day of current CSA rate – prices go up April 1!
  • April 20 is last day to claim a UK Health & Wellness voucher, $200 available for UK employees on a health plan to apply to a UK CSA share!

UK CSA News in Light of COVID-19

Hello friends!

We are hopeful that you are staying home, well fed, healthy, and rested. The farm work will continue as long as our crew are healthy, so we anticipate being on target for the start of the CSA season. If we experience any delays we will let you know.

In the meantime, we are starting to see the fruit from our winter work in the tunnels. We will be doing some small harvests next week for a Farm Stand. We are on the cusp of harvesting a lot more things for spring farm stand sales.

So how does COVID-19 impact us  at UK CSA? Very little will change. We continue to follow GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) on-farm, which includes frequent hand washing, self-reporting when feeling unwell so as not to handle any produce, and the use of SaniDate in our washing practices. SaniDate is an organic-approved product that is an effective sanitizer against pathogens in wash water, including e coli, salmonella, and yes, corona viruses.

In addition, the corona virus will not withstand prolonged refrigeration. Any contaminant post-washing that touches the food will degrade after 4 days in a refrigerator. Heating food through cooking will also eliminate pathogens.

The FDA has official information about food safety at this site. Here they state: “There is no evidence to suggest that food produced in the United States can transmit COVID-19.” 

Changes we will be implementing now:
-We will be more mindful to bag some items, like head lettuce, that are not cooked.
-We will ask for adaptation for our Farm Stand operations. This includes:

  1. Better social distancing of patrons;
  2. Refraining from touching produce;
  3. Encouraging pre-orders to make delivery quicker and easier;
  4. Encouraging contactless payment (credit cards) — we will still accept check and cash, but staff will hand wash/hand sanitize after accepting these payments before touching produce.

We will continue to evaluate operations further as we monitor the state of this virus’ spread and severity in our region.

Our next Farm Stand will be Thursday March 26th from 4-6:30pm ON FARM ONLY. We will give that extra half hour for those who don’t normally come to the farm to make it out here. We will open pre-orders this Monday, and close those Thursday AM.

In addition to veggies, we will be selling new tote bags, and veggie transplants to get some plants growing in your own backyard. Veggie transplants for sale next week will include: spinach, kale, chard, lettuce. We have more plants that will be for sale in April and May, including annual and perennial flowers, herbs, tomatoes, and peppers.

We hope to have more regular farm stands starting in April and will hopefully be back on UK campus soon. Thank you for supporting your growers!

Our Members Share

Our CSA members shared testimonials with us, and we will be highlighting a few more here at the blog. Here is today’s inspiration:

I feel better the months I am eating fresh veggies from my CSA!!


What a great range of high quality, freshly picked vegetables! By what you grew, you expanded our horizons on what to cook (thanks for the recipes, they were invaluable) and we enjoyed many, new, tasty dishes.


This CSA caused our family to eat so many more veggies than we were before. We feel healthier and proud to support local farmers.

Sign Up for the 2020 Season here.