UK CSA Farm Stand Thursday

It’s Monday and we are now accepting pre-orders for a UK CSA spring Farm Stand.

What is a UK CSA Farm Stand? It is an opportunity to pre-order a la carte items and pick them up this Thursday. This is not part of the CSA, but is a way for both CSA members and non-CSA members to get a couple items before the main season gets underway. It operates similar to a farmers market.

We will be doing pre-orders for weekly Farm Stands this spring. We are turning a corner at the farm as weather is warming up and we will be ramping up production for spring sales. In addition to veggies, we will have plants for sale too. This week we have some early veggie starts available in packs of 4. More vegetables, herbs, and a ton of flowers will also be made available soon. Items are in somewhat limited supply at this juncture, so some maximum allowed quantities are implemented in order to serve our customer base best.

To place a pre-order, click here!

You will need to create a simple account with an email address to track your orders. “Shop” and add items to your cart. When done, click “Checkout” at top right. We cannot accept payment online at this time, so please bring payment to pick up.

Pre-Ordering window will close midnight on WEDNESDAY.  Note: when items sell out, they disappear from the store front. If we have more than we estimated for any of the sold out items, we will include them in our Thursday Farm Stand email.


Due to COVID-19, we are unable to hold our Farm Stand on campus. Therefore, spring Farm Stand sales will be for On-Farm Pick-Up ONLY. Date of pick up is THURSDAY MARCH 26th, from 4pm-6:30pm. We are extending hours of pick up until 6:30pm this week.

Instructions for pick up will be sent by email with your order confirmation.

New Policies:

-Please respect social distancing. Do not crowd the tables and be patient!

-Please pay by credit card if able.

-Walk up sales still permitted should we have extra items but pre-ordering is highly encouraged to make everything quicker and smoother at this time.


If you have questions, let us know:

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