Why Choose CSA Now?

With the flux in our society over COVID-19, we are seeing major disruptions to our lives. So why would you think of choosing a CSA share now?

  1. When you choose CSA, you know your farmer. At UK CSA, in addition to being certified organic, we follow GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), have a Food Safety Manual implemented across the farm, and train all our employees and students in food safety. We will also be glad to listen to your concerns and keep communication open and transparent about our procedures.
  2. When you choose CSA, your food is not in the global market stream. Fewer hands touch your food, and that should give you peace of mind. In addition, the FDA states that food produced in the United States is not seen as being a risk for COVID-19 transmission.
  3. When you choose CSA, you get your food in less crowded environments. Share picks up are frequently outside or direct from the farm! At UK CSA, we deliver both outside on campus or in our open-air pack shed at the farm. Lots of air flow and sunshine is more pleasant than indoor groceries and supermarkets.
  4. When you choose CSA, you invest in your health. Our food is fresh, nutrient-dense, organic, and will give you plenty of servings of diverse fruits and vegetables every week for 22 weeks. Healthy eating supports your immune system so you can better fight off disease and/or recover.

We have filled over 200 spots in the UK CSA. We have surpassed our 2019 numbers. However we do have a membership cap. We cannot support more than 250 shares from our farm. If you want to be a part of the 2020 UK CSA season, please sign up today! Click here to grab your spot.

Other important UK CSA dates:

  • Monday March 23 – pre orders begin for a farm stand of veggies, sold a la carte for delivery Thursday March 26
  • March 30 is last day of current CSA rate – prices go up April 1!
  • April 20 is last day to claim a UK Health & Wellness voucher, $200 available for UK employees on a health plan to apply to a UK CSA share!

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