Preview CSA Week 8

We hope everyone had a nice holiday with lots of yummy CSA veggies to go around!

This heat is making things a little unpredictable on the farm… here are our best guesses for Thursday:

+ Green Cabbage

+ Chard

+ Tomatoes

+ Green Bell Peppers

+ Hot Peppers – mix mostly of anchos, hungarian hot wax, and jalapenos for this week

+ Cucumbers… we thought last week was an anomaly to give out 10 cukes, but we were wrong. Another 10 cuke week coming. So… lots of cuke salads, refrigerator pickles are great ideas. The great thing is these cucumbers can be preserved so head over to our blog for ideas. Cold cucumber soups also a great option. For those who want to do big pickling batches, we will be selling pickling boxes in bulk. Stop by the Farm Stand this week to inquire.

+ Sweet Corn… this week or next!

+ Green Beans… more coming this week or next!

+ Cantaloupe… probably next week but we might be surprised.


REMINDER: This SATURDAY July 13th the farm will be open for you-pick from 9am-11am!! A CSA staffer will be on site to assist as needed. There are green beans, okra, herbs, flowers, cherry tomatoes, hot peppers, blackberries all available for the picking.

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