Previews…! Thanksgiving Almost Here.

Time for some previews of goodies to come this week and Thanksgiving! Deadline for pre-ordering boxes is FRIDAY. We’ve been busy getting ready and are delayed on getting our previews out. Thank you to the CSA members who prodded us to get this posted. We needed the reminder in the flurry of activity.

Speaking of flurries… the farm has turned quite cold and yes — a little snow even showed up!

We are hopeful that our field crops have been prepped to survive this cold spell, but there is always a risk and uncertainty about how low the temps will go. The previews below are the hoped-for contents of Thanksgiving boxes, but a few items (denoted by an asterisk*) indicate uncertainty… so if you’re relying on having that veggie, consider getting some of that veggie elsewhere as back up just in case.

Fall CSA Week 4 Preview:

+ White Cauliflower
+ Garlic
+ Sweet Potatoes
+ 1 Green – Turnip greens or baby Bok Choi most likely

Winter Storage Boxes:

Sweet Potatoes (4 lbs)
Potatoes (4 lbs, buff variety)
Winter Squashes – Pie pumpkin (1), Butternut (2), Acorn (1), plus 2 other miscellaneous
Beets (2-3 lbs)
Turnips (2-3 lbs)
Carrots (2 lbs)
Savoy Cabbage (1)
Herbs – Sage or Thyme

Fall Greens Boxes:

Lettuce Mix*
Broccoli* and/or Cauliflower* (white or Romanesco)
Butternut Squash (1)
Brussels Sprouts
Herbs – Sage, Oregano, or Chives
Baby Ginger*

Deadline to snag a box is FRIDAY. Last minute reservations here.


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