Fall CSA Week 3

Hi folks! It’s our third week of our fall CSA.

Goodies for fall CSA members this week include:

+ Red Skin Potatoes

+ Collard greens

+ Beets (mixed varieties)

+ Broccoli

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Surprise! This beauty snuck into our kale.

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Our broccoli this week is LARGE! If you’ve been swimming in broccoli, this is a great opportunity to freeze some. Blanche in boiling water one minute — this process helps the broccoli keep its shape when freezing and not turn mushy. Then cool in an ice bath and freeze in ziploc bags.

Collards go great with beets and potatoes. If you’re a meat eater, throw in some bacon. Potato collard hash recipe here and another way to use collard leaves as wraps filled with beets (and any other veggie) here.

Today on campus we have some more seed garlic for sale in 1 lb bags. Come get a bag for last minute planting. Items for sale at the farm stand include:

+ Seed garlic, 1 lb for $10

+ Beets, $3/lb

+ Broccoli, $3 for a large head

+ Potatoes, $4 for 3lb bag

+ Collards, $3/bunch


One thought on “Fall CSA Week 3

  1. I miss reading the preview of what’s to come. I’m hoping you can add that back in. It would also be great to know what we will probably get in our Thanksgiving boxes next week before this weekend if possible. I realize that there might be a change or 2, but that info is really useful!

    Thanks! — Kathy

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