Farm Stand, December 7th

As the last blog post said, Farm Stand is back today at the E.S. Good Barn from 4 to 6pm. Although we encourage pre-orders, we will have extra items available for those that did not pre-order. We accept cash or check only.

Items Available for Sale:
+ Arugula bunches: $3
+ Baby Ginger: $5 for 1/2 lb. carton
+ Baby Napa Cabbage: 2 for $4
+ Beet Roots: $3/lb.
+ Curly Kale: $3/bunch
+ Romanesco Cauliflower: $3 each
+ Green Romaine Lettuce: $3 each
+ Lovelock Lettuce: $3 each
+ Sweet Potatoes: $2.50/lb.
+ Watermelon Radishes: $4/1 lb. carton
+ Garlic: $1.50
+ Spinach: $4 for 1/2 lb. bag
+ Celery: $3/bunch
+ Herb Bunch: Dill, Cilantro or Sage: $2

We will also have Gift Certificates and Totebags available for purchase. Totebags are $10. Gift Certificates can be used for any UK CSA program: the Farm Stand and/or the 2018 CSA share. Gift certificates can be purchased in person today at the Farm Stand from 4-6 pm, direct from the farm, or by email. Email ordered  gift certificates can be delivered via campus mail or by post for $1.50 S&H fee.

Give the gift of fresh local food this holiday season and support your local farmers at the same time!

Questions? You can email us at or talk to us at pick-up.


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