Meet the 2017 CSA Farm Crew

Since this is the week before the first CSA pick-up we thought we would introduce you to the farm staff for this summer.

This is Kristi Durbin’s second year as the CSA manager and her sixth year here at the farm. Beginning way back in the 9th grade, Kristi started gardening to help her biology teacher (now a CSA member!), and has memories of helping extended family tend to large home gardens.  These influences coupled with a love for the created world and a desire for a meaningful, service oriented career ultimately lead her on the path to farming. Her long term goals include continuing on with UK while having some land in which she can grow perennial crops and enjoy time with her family. When asked if she had a favorite farmer or one she looks up to, she responded by saying that seeing the next generation wanting to be farmers, wanting to learn and being excited and enthusiastic about farming is what really inspires her. Just for fun…if she could have any super power in the world it would either be controlling the weather or raining joy down on everyone around her!

Aaron German is our philosopher turned farmer. He is joining us again for his fifth year here on the farm. Aaron’s interest in farming was sparked by his love of physical activity, concern for growing and increasing diversity in food, and peak oil. Much like everyone else, his long term goal is to be able to make a living doing something he loves – farming (and pay off his student loans!) Aaron is always listening to the Farmer to Farmer podcasts and sharing the information he learns with us. Some of his favorite farmers are Farmer John, who talks about weeds, Potato Jim and Corn Jim. Aaron’s got a few super powers he would like to have: soil moisture content vision, soil fertility content vision, or laser beam eyes to get rid of weeds.

This is Ben Yates’s first full season with the CSA. He came by way of Elmwood Stock Farm last September and we are glad that he is continuing on with us. Ben’s concern about global food supplies and peak oil, along with the desire for self-sufficiency, are what brought him to farming. His current long term goal is to have his own farm. Ben is often our comedic relief as demonstrated by his response to who his favorite farmer is: Aaron German. His super power would be to be able to remember people’s names (including his own).

Diane Crossfield is coming back for her second summer as our part-time staff. She is a student in the Sustainable Agriculture program. What really drew her into the sustainable ag program and farming was just being a mom and trying to feed her family on a decent budget. She realized how bad the US food system is and decided to go back to school to do something about it. Her long term goals include creating urban agriculture areas in food deserts to provide food and farming skills to marginalized communities. She wishes to bring solidarity, reduce the issues that face those communities and increase their independence. Along with Wendell Berry, Diane also really looks up to her uncle in western KY that still farms at the age of 83! If she could have any super power at all, she would like to be able to fly.

Savannah McGuire is a senior in the Sustainable Agriculture program and returning for her second year on the CSA staff. Her journey towards farming started with her love of cooking and wanting to eat healthy. She wanted to be more involved with her food than just buying it at the grocery store. Someday, Savannah would like to start a network of businesses centered around local food such as restaurants, bed and breakfasts and small grocery stores. She said it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but something that everyone can have access to. Eliot Coleman is her favorite farmer. In keeping with her love of cooking and food, Savannah’s super power would be showing people the importance of sharing meals together.

Katie Fiske has been on staff with the CSA for four years this summer. She was a graduate of the Sustainable Agriculture program and spent a summer working on a dairy farm right after graduation. What started as a more romantic and literary view of farming has lead into a deep desire to farm and grow things. Her long term goals include having a homestead farm with goats, chickens and vegetables with time for quilting and soap making! A farmer who has really inspired Katie is Joel Salatin. If she could have any super power she would like the ability to teleport.

We can’t wait to see all of you next week for our first CSA distribution and look forward to cultivating a relationship with you! Psst… don’t forget to check your emails. If you are a 2017 CSA member you should have received lots of important information about the first pick up, so be sure to check and read those ASAP!


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