Know Your Resources: Extension!

Have you all ever been to the Fayette County Extension office? Have you been to their website? The extension office offers a vast wealth of knowledge and information and it is there for everyone to use.

They have an events list that covers the entire year with everything from sewing, gardening, job strategies, crafts and more. Some events require a fee and pre-registration to ensure a spot, but several are also free.

Under the Family and Consumer Sciences heading, you can find a tab entitled “Plate it Up! Kentucky Proud” which has different recipes to try with your fresh CSA veggies.

Additionally, you can always stop in the office and find publications on things like canning and preservation.

The things I listed are not anywhere close to all of the services that the Extension Agents provide. I encourage you to check out their website and stop in at the office if you have questions about gardening, farming, canning, 4-H and more!

Fayette County Extension website:
Fayette County Extension office address: 1140 Harry Sykes Way Lexington KY, 40504
Hours: Monday-Friday 8 AM-4:30 PM




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