CSA Week #17 Preview

We have enjoyed some nice cooler fall weather this morning, which makes thinning and weeding the beets quite a bit more enjoyable!

This Saturday, September 17th, we will have You-Pick hours open from 9 am-12 noon at the farm. As most of the summer crops have begun to fade, so the you-pick field is also coming to an end. Get out here while you can! There will be a farm staff member to answer any questions or direct you to the field if you’ve never been out here before. The front gate will be open and we will also open the back gate to Waveland Ln. Please bring your own scissors or pruners and bag or box to take your items home. We ask that you park in the parking lot and walk to the field. However, if accessibility is an issue, you may park closer, but please ask a staff member to direct you first. We hope to see you there!


Here is a look at what you might expect in your share this week:
+ Arugula
+ Radishes
+ Potatoes (of the Red Pontiac variety)
+ Winter Squash (of the Acorn variety)
+ Summer Squash
+ Green Onions

As a reminder, this is just an estimation of what we think will be ready for the share. The official share list will be posted in the newsletter on Thursday.


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