Meet your 2016 CSA Farm Crew

Although, you may recognize most of these faces, we have a new addition to our farm crew this year.


From left to right:

Our newest addition to the crew this year is Savannah. She will be a junior this fall at UK working on a degree in Sustainable Agriculture. Savannah was an apprentice last summer and also worked for Dr. Jacobson in the high tunnels on the farm. She is very enthusiastic about being a part of the farm staff and learning everything she can about farming. When she isn’t at the farm, Savannah enjoys cooking with the dream of one day opening a restaurant.

Aaron will be returning for his fourth year on the CSA. This year, Aaron is focusing on scouting for pests and taking action when needed. Yes, even though we are Organically Certified, we still have to spray organic pesticides to deal with pest issues. When Aaron is not at the farm, you can find him mowing lawns, teaching philosophy during the spring and fall semesters, or brewing beer. Never is there a dull moment around Aaron, as you will more than likely be serenaded with lyrics matching whatever particular task you are working on. Or he’ll just sing your name.

Kristi completed her apprenticeship in 2012 and is now in her fifth growing season with the CSA. She has degrees in both Philosophy (St. John’s College) and Sustainable Agriculture (University of Kentucky) and Master Gardener status. This year, she has taken hold of the reins as our CSA Farm Manager. When she isn’t at the farm, she is thinking about the farm. Kristi now has two children who will grow up to enjoy the farm here too!

Katie also completed her apprenticeship in 2012 and was on the farm staff in 2013. In 2014 she spent the summer in Wisconsin on a dairy farm expanding her experience and knowledge. She returned to the CSA in 2015. This is her fourth year here as staff. Katie will continue to write the newsletters every week for the CSA members and take pictures for our Instagram and Flickr accounts.

Alex is also returning for his second year as CSA staff. He completed his apprenticeship in 2014 and graduated with a degree in Sustainable Agriculture in 2015. This past winter, Alex took the helm on our Farm Stand and helped plan, plant, and take care of the veggies in the high tunnels. This year, he will continue to focus on irrigation set-up and maintenance. Eventually Alex may return to his home state of Virginia to continue farming.

We can’t wait to meet YOU, our CSA members this year!


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