Transplants and Peas at Farm Stand

At our UK Farm Stand this week we will have more items available on a first-come, first served basis:
-Snap Peas, $5/quart
-Tomato Transplants (Sungold Cherry, Yellow Pear Cherry, German Johnson Heirloom, Big Beef Hybrid Red, Cherokee Purple Heirloom, Speckled Roman and Amish Paste Rome varieties), $3/pot
-Pepper Transplants (Aristotle Bell), $2/pot
-Radishes, $2.50/bunch
-Lettuce Heads, $2.50/head
-Carrots, $3/lb

Come grab your fresh, tunnel-grown produce TODAY from 4-6pm in the E.S. Good Barn parking lot!



2 thoughts on “Transplants and Peas at Farm Stand

  1. Will you have kolrobi today?

    Thank you,

    Derrick Hill Technical Project Specialist III 2355 Huguenard Dr. Lexington, Ky 40503

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