UK CSA Farm Stand is back!

Hey folks!

After quite a bit of a break, we are excited to announce that the CSA Farm Stand will be open this week. The veggies in the tunnels have come along quite nicely. We will have lettuce, carrots, and spinach for pre-order, and some radishes ($2.50/bunch) and snap peas ($5/quart) available on a first come, first served basis (no pre-orders for these two items). Place your order now!

As a reminder, you may place your order via Farmigo Monday at noon through Thursday at 6 am. Pick up will be at the E.S. Good Barn in the parking lot from 4-6 pm on Thursday. If you are unable to place your order by then, we always try to bring a few extra of each item that you may purchase at the pick up. We can’t wait to see you all!



2 thoughts on “UK CSA Farm Stand is back!

    • We aren’t taking pre-orders this week for peas, but plan to have a few quarts available on first come, first served basis. Come at 4pm this Thursday and you’ll have a chance to get some!

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