Thanksgiving boxes

We are offering Thanksgiving boxes for delivery to campus (or farm pick-up) on Tuesday, November 24th for $30/box.  You must reserve your box through the Farmigo webstore ( starting this Friday (11/20)  at noon through Monday (11/23) at noon.  Don’t miss out on getting local, organic produce for your upcoming holiday meals.  Our best guess for what will be in each type of box are:

Fall Greens Box: Spinach, Lettuce Mix, Arugula, Broccoli, Greens (Chard, Collards and/or Kale), Romaine Lettuce, Brussels Sprouts

Winter Storage Box: Beets, Turnips, Potatoes, Cabbage, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Winter Squashes

We will update you on amounts of each item that we plan to include in the boxes by this Friday (11/20) and will be selling some additional a la carte items such as (but not limited to): Romaine Lettuce, Broccoli, Spinach, Turnips, Greens (chard, collards, kale), and possibly Brussels Sprouts.

Thanks for your continued support!  We started to harvest the Brussels Sprouts today–aren’t they pretty?


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