Twas the week before first pick-up…

This week has been a rather full and busy week preparing for our first CSA distribution day! On Monday, we did some hard core cleaning on our harvests bins and our seeding trays.

Tuesday was the first class of our 2015 apprentices. And boy do we have a large group! It is exciting to see so many students that are interested in farming and it will surely be a big help in getting things done around the farm, especially on harvest days.

With all the help we’ve had the past few days, we have gotten some much needed weeding done in our carrots.
Here are some of our apprentices already working out in the field, weeding carrots:


Wednesday we got in our netting for the cucurbit field, to protect the squash, zucchini and melons from insect pests.This netting is better than the Remay cloth covering that we use because it lets in more light and air, while the holes are small enough to keep even the flea beetles off of the crop, and it seems to be a bit sturdier and won’t tear as easily as the Remay. We will be leaving the netting on until the squash, zucchinis and melons start to flower. It was a big job unfolding the netting into the field, but luckily we had plenty of help! Below are two of our apprentices this year, Whit and Trey unrolling the netting.


And here is the field being covered with the netting.

We are so excited to begin harvesting for you all and look forward to seeing you next week!

Until then,

your 2015 CSA farm crew.


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