Meet Your 2015 CSA Farm Crew.

Last week, as has become tradition, we took a staff photo for our potato planting. You may recognize many familiar faces from years past.


From left to right:

Aaron is returning for his third year working at the CSA. When he’s not working at the CSA, he’s mowing lawns, teaching philosophy, or brewing beer. Staying true to his philosophic background, he likes to make us all think by asking really great questions; that or he’s good at making us all laugh. We also think he secretly lives at Country Boy Brewing.

Katie was an apprentice in 2012 and farm staff in 2013. She spent 2014 working on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, and acquired other useful skills like food preservation and soap making. After a stint at making beautiful flower bouquets with a local florist, Katie is back to work on our CSA and will be writing the newsletter for our CSA members.

Alex was an apprentice on our farm in 2014, and has the distinction of being the tallest crew member. He is graduating this month with his degree in Sustainable Agriculture. While he only completed his apprenticeship last year, he already knows the true meaning of farm work thanks to previous employment at Elmwood Stock Farm. After his season here, he plans to return to his home state of Virginia and continue to work in agriculture.

Tiffany is our tireless and inspiring CSA manager. 2015 is her fifth season managing the CSA. She is doubly busy because she is close to finishing her Masters degree! Her thesis will be an extension of her work here, embodying her continual striving for farm excellence, efficiency, and good economic sense.

Kristi was an apprentice in 2012 and has been on the farm staff ever since. This time last year she was 8 months pregnant; she now has an 11 month old daughter and is very glad to not be pregnant while working in this 2015 May heat wave. Kristi also takes most of the farm photos on the farm’s flickr page.

Not pictured above is Robert, who is helping us part time when he is not working on a local horse farm. He became famous last fall when he got bit by a poisonous snake at the Gorge. He now has anti-venom in his veins, and hopes to join the Peace Corps later this year.

We are all looking forward to getting to know our CSA members — YOU!


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