CSA Fliers are up!

2015CSAFlier_print We are a little over half-way to our CSA member goal and have hung our new fliers around campus to make a push on member sign-ups.  Do you want one near your office or break-room?  Let us know (uk.csa@uky.edu) and we will bring some for you to hang up.  The best advertisement we have is word of mouth from past CSA members.  Help us share our CSA with others!

As a reminder, there is a list of other CSA’s in the Bluegrass region above in the “Join our CSA” tab.




One thought on “CSA Fliers are up!

  1. Tiffany,

    I’d be happy to hang up a poster on my office door. I’m in 107 CE Barnhart. If you want to drop one off, you can just put it in 128 in the mailboxes. You already have several at the other end of the hall, but if you think it would help, I’d be glad to hang one on my door.

    Have you sent announcements to other colleges over email? I saw one from CAFE, but I don’t remember one for College of Engineering (BAE faculty are on both lists). I think Jayne White in our main office 128 CEB can send announcements to the College of Engineering. You might ask her about sending it out.

    Joe Dvorak 107 CE Barnhart

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