Good Food Jobs Contest Winner!

This past fall, we participated at the farm in a contest hosted by Good Food Jobs known as the GoGastroGnomes contest.

What exactly is a gastrognome? The Good Food Jobs folks define a gastrognome as a “jovial individual whose main purpose on earth is to connect people who derive pleasure from good food.” The contest they hosted involved getting a gnome and photographing the gnome on various food-related adventures, connecting people across the nation who are involved in the sustainable food movement.

Some of you may remember seeing the gnome visit our distribution site and make numerous appearances over on our Instagram feed.


As a result of our gnome food adventure photographs, we were awarded second place in their contest!

This was our winning photograph:


Click here to read their full report on the contest winners. You can also view other contest entries by searching on Instagram using the hashtag #gogastrognomes

Thank you, CSA members and staff, for being a part of our band of “jovial individuals” who derive pleasure from good food — both growing it and eating it!



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