First Harvest picture

First CSA Harvest Thursday of 2014
Left to right: Mims, Tiffany, Eliza, Kristi, Dave, Aaron, Diane, Sarah, and Lauren.

We took this picture bright and early (7am work day start on harvest days) last Thursday, May 29th for our first harvest day. It takes a lot of work to prepare the vegetables each week and we appreciate everyone’s help.

I wanted to highlight a few faces that you might be seeing: Mims will be at the distribution weekly alongside the apprentices. Kristi (in overalls) is the newsletter mastermind and official picture-taker, you can thank her for compiling the recipes and keeping our Flickr account stocked with what we are up to on the farm. I am also very thankful to have Aaron, Blake and Eliza on staff this summer-all the crops we are harvesting now have been seeded, planted, weeded, and watered by these folks throughout the Spring and early Summer. And lastly, our apprentices started class two weeks ago and their help couldn’t have come any sooner. They have jumped in with the crew and have quickly learned what a rewarding labor of love growing vegetables can be: everyone goes home with an armload of healthy food, farm-knowledge learned, and a reason for a good night’s sleep. We think its a good deal.

Thanks for being a member this year, we’ve gotten off to a great start! We will be planning our Summer Solstice potluck date soon–hope to see you out at the farm then.

CSA Manager


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