Potato Planting

We’ve had a busy and productive week on the farm.

More plants got started in our greenhouse – including our Squash, Melons, and Cucumbers.


Several of our fields are already starting to fill up as many more seedlings and seeds were planted in the ground this week. Cilantro, Dill, Lettuce mixes, and Turnips were seeded. Onions and Leeks were transplanted…


…and we got all our Potatoes planted just before the rain hit on Friday!


Our crew of four planted 600 lbs of potatoes in a single day! We’re growing three varieties of potatoes this year: Kennebec (buff skin and white flesh), Chieftain (red skin and white flesh), and Magic Molly (purple skin and purple flesh).


These are just a few of the friendly faces you may see when you pick up your vegetables each week (left to right): Mims, Eliza, Tiffany, and Kristi.

Did you know you can see many more glimpses of farm happenings over at our UK CSA Flickr page? We regularly update Flickr with pictures that document the journey of your organic food from seed to harvest, so check them out at the link above or click on our Flickr badge on the blog’s sidebar.


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