A Final Note from an Apprentice

Patrick Mooney, one of student apprentices this summer, leaves us with a few words of reflection on the past summer.


There is a season for everything, as the proverbial passage in Ecclesiastes states. A time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to harvest; there is a time for everything under the sun. Well harvest we did this season- I think I personally lifted about 2000 pounds of tomatoes over the summer weeks when all was said and done. From planting in April to sweating in August, the season has been sweet and bountiful with many crops planted, harvested, and hopefully eaten as well. Alas, our season has come to an end, the full summer share has wrapped up, and as we head into the cold nights of winter I’ll remember all the fun times I had this summer while thawing some homemade marinara sauce from the Roma tomatoes this summer. I’ll remember the little sweet potato shoots we transplanted with our Thai interns Gym and Pim while preparing them for Thanksgiving. Overall, I’ll remember how much of a harvest came from what seemed like a small space for a farm!

For me, this is also the end of a season. In just a few weeks, I’ll be graduating with my B.S. in Sustainable Agriculture (Ind. Curriculum). The season of my education is coming to its own winter, and I begin the process of looking for my next season in life. A spring with new possibilities awaits, and I look forward to it and the opportunity to plant seeds for the rest of my future. Although, the feeling is bittersweet, just like the autumn season. The bright sunny days and turning leaves lead to the freezing chill of winter, and ending education is exciting yet saddening from having to leave friends and fun experiences behind to be a real adult. I have my own bountiful harvest of knowledge to reap and experience now for the rest of my life, and hopefully it’s a process that never stops.

What this summer has shown me is that tireless work pays off. Even though I was often ill, tired, and complained a lot about this or that- I wouldn’t trade my apprenticeship experience for anything. I never thought I would be doing or even could do some of the things I did this summer and I am so happy to have had this experience. I could do something most people never could and that to me is priceless; it is the crown of the season, the best harvest possible. So to all who bought from us this season, we thank you, and from us apprentices to you all, it has been our pleasure- our sweaty, dirty pleasure! To all a good harvest, and to the land that provides, may it be bountiful always!



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