CSA Staff 2013

I wanted to highlight some of our hard-working staff and apprentices who are sticking it out through the heat and humidity pounding T-posts and harvesting cabbage, among many other tasks on a daily basis. Whether we are weeding, picking, hoeing, tying, bending, stretching, lifting, chopping, banding, loading, washing, or many other tasks, these folks do it! I can’t say enough how much I appreciate them. This first picture was taken on a chilly morning in early May and all of the people in this picture are involved in some aspect of growing food for the CSA. Thanks Organic Team!

This next picture is the main CSA crew whom I want to highlight.

IMG_0435From left to right: Kristi is a SAG graduate and I welcome her dedication to the variety of extra things I throw her way. Not only is she in the fields with us, but she’s responsible for putting together the newsletter every week, taking pictures, working late on Thursdays and asking thoughtful questions of how we can improve.  Katie is a current SAG student and after one year of apprenticing last year, she hadn’t had enough! She’s back on the farm for a second season and does every task, even her least favorites (like weeding), without complaining.  Next are Pim and Gym, third year horticulture students from Thailand that are a delight to have on the crew. They are in Kentucky for four months and we have all grown to be very good friends: sharing food, language, and vegetable growing techniques between cultures.  We are very grateful for Gym and Pim.  And finally, you might recognize Aaron: he’s a CSA-member turned CSA-staff and for some reason thinks its fun to work in the heat all summer. After volunteering extensively with Seedleaf, he has sought out more experiential opportunities by joining our crew for the summer and is always full of great questions that I wish I knew the answer to.

THANK YOU to the CSA Crew for 2013.  And thanks to the additional apprentices for joining us in our work.  We couldn’t do it without you.



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