It might be Spring, soon.

Have we made it through the winter yet?  I keep thinking surely we are past winter, and then more snow.  As I read appropriately on the Grow Appalachia blog:

“We have plants that want to go in the ground but no unfrozen ground to place them in! It is snowing, then raining, then freezing, then snowing, then raining, and when we get a dry day it proceeds to rain all night, or all the next day. Even on days when it is sunny, with these temperatures in the 30s and 20s, the soil isn’t going to be very warm anyways, and I don’t really want to be outside!”

But, Spring will come and I’m sure more intensely than we would expect or wish.  We are almost a month behind in overall thermal-mass as compared to last year’s weather and the cover crops in the field are just one reminder of this fact.  They are still small, meaning less organic matter to turn back into the fields, but we will add plenty of compost to compensate as our soil tests dictate.  In the meantime, the CSA crew has been tending the vegetable starts in the greenhouse and trying to get our hands dirty as much as possible.  It feels like you’re a kid in a sandbox the first time you mix potting media after a long winter.  Oh the simply joys!

So what have we been doing besides playing in bins of potting media?  Spreading compost on the fields, weeding strawberries, giving onions hair-cuts, thinning seedlings, cleaning-up, planning, and dreaming of warmer days (and juicy strawberries!).

IMG_0205 IMG_0202 IMG_0197 IMG_0217 IMG_0207

We still have space available for our Full Share-spread the word to coworkers and friends!


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