We made it! 22 weeks

We made it to the end of a great season and are grateful, despite the year’s difficulties (heat/drought), of the bountiful food we were able to offer.  I wanted to thank you, the “community” in CSA, for your continued support and words of encouragement.  Also critically important in the work, is our staff—to whom we are all grateful.  The sentiment at the farm is one of relief and satisfaction to have crossed the finish line of 22 weeks of harvest for our Full Share.  Although the farm crew always changes throughout the year, we made sure to take a couple of pictures for who was responsible in harvesting the last share for you last week.


Wednesday’s Harvest Crew: Neil, Zach, Mims, Kristi, Tiffany

Thursday’s Harvest Crew (L-R clockwise): Nic, Ethan, Zach, Jay, Neil, Eliza, Tiffany

Distribution Crew: Tiffany, Nic, Eliza

We aren’t done yet, though!  Many of the items in the last share will be available on the Flex Share this Fall.


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