Planting for next year…already!

You would think that preparations for next year’s harvest wouldn’t start until, that’s right…next year.  But in fact, this month we are busy preparing the fields for cover crops (to build the soil with organic matter and necessary nutrients), and even planting crops to grow in the midst of winter.  Yup, its the season for garlic and strawberry planting.  This past week, we received our strawberry plugs from a nursery in North Carolina and promptly introduced them to their new home (you’ll see three beds on your left as you reach the organic section) and multiple more in and among the high tunnels.  These plants will start to become established this fall before going dormant in the winter.  And then as soon as it starts to get warm next spring, they will continue growing and produce fruit hopefully by June (earlier in the tunnels).  The same with the garlic.  We spent some good cold mornings sorting through our garlic stock in preparation for garlic planting.  So, as soon as we find some time after potato harvest, we’ll be setting the cloves into plastic beds adjacent to the field  strawberries.  The cloves will send up green leaves this fall, going into dormancy this winter and begin growth again this coming spring.

Thanks to Ali Rossi’s two GEN100 sections who spent some time getting their hands dirty, helping to plant strawberries last Tuesday.  The high tunnel crew appreciated your help!

garlic seed cloves

  • staying warm in the sun on a cold morning
  • picking up empty flats after water-wheel transplanting

happy strawberry plants