Melon Toss

Well, I’m not going to apologize for the lack of presence here on the blog.  Quite frankly, we’ve been busy!  To take care of some updating: I’ve added the most recent newsletters from the past few weeks to the ‘Newsletters’ page (just in case you need to access that ‘oh so good’ recipe, or are looking to catch-up on some light reading/reflections from our farm apprentices & staff).  Have you ‘liked’ us on Facebook yet?  If not, you’re missing out on some enticing beautiful shots of the harvest each week.

As for work on the farm…we’ve reached harvest & weed season, where we alternate mainly between harvesting the crops that are ready and pulling the weeds that sprout up in their midst.  Not only have the crops (and us) been loving the intermittent rain this past month, but the weeds have exploded as well with the extra encouragement of plenty of soil moisture.  Not able to pull every last weed, we sometimes resort to selective weeding—removing the least favorable (whichever tops our list of evil weeds) to prevent them from ‘going-to-seed’ and bountifully supplying millions of weed-seeds in the future weed-bank of the soil.  Keeping the ultimate goals in mind: both reducing weed pressure (nutrient and moisture competition) on current crops and reducing the weed-seed-bank for future years, we weed and then weed some more and come back weeding again.

But we always enjoy the break to harvest something: these past few weeks the top harvest has been cantaloupe!!!  Aptly described by staff member, Zach, we have been “tossing melons out of the field just as fast as they have been ripening. From row to row to wagon to bin, melon tossing is by far the most fun task for all the staff and apprentices on the farm, year in and year out. Who wouldn’t enjoy throwing melons through the air; it just makes you laugh.”  We toss these awkward, heavy, items into large crates on the wagon because it is impractical to lug smaller, heavy bins weighing close to 50lbs to the edge of the field, on the wagon, into the cooler and out again.  We’d much rather let the tractor and pallet-jack do this heavy-lifting for us.  That doesn’t mean we aren’t heaving and catching as 10 lb+ watermelons and 5lb cantaloupes come flying through the air.  But with a record of only 2 watermelons dropped/cracked this past harvest (don’t worry they were eaten immediately), I think we did all right.  And if this isn’t clue enough, we’ll be bring BOTH cantaloupes and watermelons for Full Share members this Thursday 🙂  ENJOY!

Pictures to come.


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