Wells & Wade: picking (or planting) buckets

The chitting process on the potatoes was less than ideal in the hot and humid late April/early May.  So after a week of chitting, the potatoes started becoming dehydrated and growing mold in addition to meagerly growing some short, stubby eyes.  We quickly decided that getting them in the ground was higher priority than chitting.  And on a Friday afternoon in early May (before a soaking rain), we were able to fill a field of potato spuds.  And in the process, we got to use some great old ‘orchard picking bags’ to assist in planting.  Below is a photo montage of the planting steps:

Smiling for the camera (with full bags intact)

dropping potato pieces into trenches

using a great new tool (Lilliston rolling cultivators) to cover the rows

Adjusting old bags to carry potato seed

Digging trenches

Filling buckets with chitted potatoes


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