From Field to YOU

Summer seems to be officially here  (well not officially until our summer solstice party, more details to come on that later)…but I’m referring to the fact that classes are out of session, the farm is in full swing, we’ve started the Full CSA Share distribution, all of our summer crops are in the ground, and it feels like August (again).   The first week in May passed us by with the large accomplishment of potato-planting, the second week was full of transplanting tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, summer squash, and beans and now we have fully begun harvest season.  Although we’ve been harvesting for the Flex Share for a couple of months now, the harvest for the Full CSA Share this past week was a true milestone to remind us that summer is in fact here to stay.  The pictures below are from the first Full CSA Share Harvest/Distribution, May 24th from field to YOU.

If you are a Flex Share Member…don’t forget to pick-up your vegetables TODAY.


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