We are full of chit!

Any simple google, bing, or yahoo search engine will lead you to a respectable number of urban homesteader blogs, wikipedia pages, or DIY gardening websites that dispel the mystery behind the process of chitting.  Chitting, simply put, is what potatoes do best when not covered with soil…they grow shoots/eyes.  Growers, trying to ensure that their potato spuds, when put in the ground, will in fact send up a shoot to produce a plant that will in turn multiply into a decent potato crop…will ‘chit’ their potatoes before planting.  The goal is to encourage short, stocky, green-purple shoots.  These are healthy and strong quite unlike the weak, white, and lanky shoots you might find if you open a bag of forgotten about potatoes in the bottom of your pantry.  To create the preferred type of shoot, plenty of air and indirect light are needed.  Having received our potato spuds a couple of weeks ago, we finished the slicing and dicing into individual chunks and placed these potato pieces in harvest bins that are currently chitting on the packing shed floor.  Besides looking a bit wrinkled, the potato pieces will hopefully work their magic and create those stocky eyes we are waiting for.

Here’s a similar post from last year…if you think this isn’t enough chit talk for you.


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