Spring has Sprung

Spring has definitely arrived at the farm with the cover crop taking control of the fields, rabbits running to and fro and lots of delicious food getting harvested.  The greenhouse is bustling with seedlings, all the equipment is getting a fine-tuning, and we are slowly starting to ramp up our farm team with more tasks as the days remind us more of summer-time than early spring.

Things have been running smoothly with the CSA Flex Share, thanks to farm crew members Jason and Josh with help from the SAG capstone class students.  These students have been helping weed, plant, set-up irrigation and harvest for these inaugural weeks of the flex share.  I think many happy CSA members have been enjoying early lettuces, greens, and now carrots and beets!  And since it’s not a secret any longer that there will be strawberries on the horizon very soon in the flex share, I can personally attest to the fact that they are stupendous (you can’t blame us for tasting the first few ripe ones!)…and in the case of this picture, a small critter thought it was tasty as well.


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