Seedling growth

As the registrations keep trickling in…we are starting to get more and more active out at the farm.  Starting with our onions in January, seedlings have been filling up the greenhouse destined for the fields as soon as the chance of frost has passed.  Joining the onions have been transplants of our cooler-season crops and even tomatoes destined for planting in the high tunnels.  While vegetative growth in our yards seems to progress at a barely noticeable pace, the seedling growth can be measurable day after day.  And can you blame them?  With perfect temperatures, adequate food, and plenty of water, they are making a stand for themselves.  This image shows the seed-leaves juxtaposed with the true leaves on napa cabbage (left) and red russian kale (right).  Both from the same vegetable family their seed leaves are the same shape.


The onions have received their first (of many) ‘hair-cuts’ as we trim their above-ground growth to encourage more root growth.  Onions tend to make weak root balls in transplant cells unless encouraged to send their energy below the surface to create a strong root system.  Here you can see the difference between ‘party’ on the left (long-hair onions) and ‘business’ on the right (short-hair onions).


And, finally…we’ve made it through two weeks of the CSA Flex Share ordering.  It has been fun to be able to harvest and plant and transplant, etc. in these early months of Spring to be able to provide a source of organic vegetables to CSA members…as well as chances for students to get involved in the process.  Here is a picture of the harvest from last week:

We still have some Full CSA Share spots available, so if you haven’t signed up or haven’t quite convinced your coworker to join—NOW is the time!  We will make everyone aware when we are no longer accepting memberships for the Full CSA Share.


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