Faith Feeds, a great partner.

As mentioned in the Thanksgiving-Order Box email, we have been partners with Faith Feeds this year by donating any extra produce we have to their efforts.  Faith Feeds is a cooperative association of individuals and faith communities that glean fresh food and donate the food to emergency food agencies in Lexington or to churches that feed those in need. I recently emailed Faith Feeds and they told me 7,825 pounds of produce were donated from the UK Horticulture Farm this year…most of that coming from the CSA section.  Read a recent article about them here or find them on Facebook at “Faith Feeds of Kentucky, Inc.”

This ‘extra’ produce comes from leftovers after the CSA drop (when members go on vacation, for example), greens off of radishes and turnips that we give to members as just roots, and bumper crops of things we either have too much of or not quite enough of to give in the share.  Most farmers will have multiple markets for their produce to utilize their ‘excess’ efficiently; operating a CSA, attending farmer’s markets, and selling wholesale.  We, however, only operate a CSA and so we are thankful that our ‘excess’ doesn’t go to waste through our partnership with Faith Feeds.

Turnip Greens donated by us...

Emergency food agencies that Faith Feeds delivers to are: Men’s Hope Center, George Privett Recovery Center, Women’s Hope Center, Lighthouse Ministries, Lexington Rescue Mission, Catholic Action Center, Chrysalis House, Embrace, Maxwell Street Presbyterian Church, The Nest, Kid’s Café, Florence Crittenden Home, Moveable Feast, God’s Pantry and the Women’s Domestic Violence Shelter.  In addition, Faith Feeds delivered pumpkins to Providence Montessori and Seedleaf who cooked pumpkin pie filling for hunger agencies in time for Thanksgiving.

I want to make sure to say THANK YOU to Shannon Baker, a Sustainable Agriculture major, a former student apprentice here at the farm, and our main volunteer contact for Faith Feeds.  She was often the volunteer to pick-up produce from us, deliver it, and promptly return our harvest bins.  Thanks Shannon!

IN ADDITION: we were able to donate 2-3 shares worth of produce every week (depending on availability) to Ashland Terrace Retirement Home where three meals are cooked daily for about 30 elderly residents.  Every week we got to hear stories of how much they enjoyed the fresh addition to their meals.

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