Recipes for the U-Pick tomatoes…

Two CSA members have sent along recipes for using lots of ‘small, ugly, and damaged tomatoes’.  Enjoy and hope you come to get some tomatoes 🙂


Salmorejo is a gazpacho without water. Its main ingredient is tomatoes. The Spanish
word salmorejo derives from the Latin salmuria or salmuera, meaning a highly saline
aqueous medium (The Heritage of Spanish Cooking, by Alicia Ríos and Lourdes March.
New York: Random House, 1992, p. 58). Nowadays, salmorejos are quite different.
The recipe came originally from the city of Córdoba, but it is now found throughout
Andalusía, with each village adding its favorite extras for garnish: ham and eggs,
almonds, ground cumin, mint, even partridge and rabbit in some mountain villages. This
is my version:

1. Blend these ingredients in a blender:

1 clove garlic, peeled
6 large, ripe tomatoes, peeled
1 thick slice Italian or French bread, no crust (compact white dough works best)
1/3 cup good olive oil
2 TB Sherry vinegar

NOTE: The alternative method is to pound laboriously the garlic, tomatoes, and bread
in a large mortar. Then add the oil carefully to obtain a thick mixture. Season at the end
with salt and vinegar.

2. Cool overnight in refrigerator.

3. Garnish with one or several of the following:
1 small onion and 1 green bell pepper, finely chopped
Serrano ham or Prosciutto (available at Liquor Barn & The Mouse Trap), finely chopped
1 hardboiled egg, finely chopped

Enjoy! ¡Buen provecho!


Aunt Louella’s Chili Sauce*

10 medium tomatoes, peeled and chopped
3 green peppers, diced
½ T cinnamon
½ t allspice
2 C sugar

4 medium onions, diced
½ t cloves
½ t black pepper
1T red pepper flakes
2 C vinegar

Combine all ingredients in large pan and bring to boil, Stirring
• Simmer until reduced and very thick..(this will take about 3 hours on
low heat) stirring occasionally. (As it gets to the last 45 minutes be
really careful not to let it scorch on the bottom.)
• Place in half pint jars and process 15minutes in HWB
* This is outstanding as a topping on meatloaf, hot dogs, or as a base for homemade barbeque sauce.


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