Cold, rainy watermelon harvest

After an enjoyable rainy day-off on Monday, the farm crew arrived early Tuesday morning thinking, “Is it really Fall after all?”  Friday we had left the farm in 90-degree temperatures and now it was in the mid 50’s.  Regardless, the vegetables (not taking Labor-Day off) grew and ripened over the weekend and there is always work to do.  We spent most of Tuesday getting wet and muddy in the field, harvesting turnips, watermelon and tomatoes, feeling unprepared to face what Fall on the farm usually looks like (cold and a rainy).  Today, better prepared, we have still worn layers and spent the day sorting, bagging, weighing, and counting vegetables.

I wanted to share what a memorable and fun event the watermelon harvest can be.  The way we harvest watermelons is quite simple, you pick it up in the field and toss it person to person until it gets placed into a large bulk bin on the wagon.  As we tossed and caught (and sometimes dropped) the fruit, our bodies were warmed by adrenaline, our jackets coated with a fine splatter of soil, and our bellies hungry for that sweet flesh.  Hopefully, these pictures will help share the experience and hopefully make that sweet, juicy, and refreshing bite of watermelon taste that much sweeter for you.

Farm Crew member Carrie enjoying her full belly of melon

Farm Crew member Josh getting serious about eating melon

Josh...preparing to catch a big-one.

Ben (mid-catch)...taking one for the team.








Ali Baba watermelons (a bit muddy) destined for CSA members



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