August in Kentucky

With fall temperatures every morning this week I have to ask myself is it actually August in Kentucky?  The pole beans are still not producing (!) and tomatoes and peppers are everywhere I look, so it must still be summer because we still have a lot of summer tastes to enjoy.  But, I could have been fooled by either the weather or the tricky fact that winter squash is always ready sooner than I remembered.  Winter squash is, in my mind, typically a winter storage vegetable so when it matures in mid-August, it throws me for a loop.  We’ve harvested some squash that we plan to give out this week, so get ready for that sweet, wintery taste.  We also started digging potatoes this week and although we didn’t use our normal harvesting equipment, the potatoes look great!  Remembering the ‘chitting’ potatoes from the Spring and how cold it was cutting the seed potatoes in preparation for planting, I am amazed by how long it takes to wait for the satisfaction of potato harvesting…not too unlike a treasure hunt.  Get ready for some delicious and unique colors, flavors, and sizes.  I don’t think we are prepared to give them out this week, but get your taste-buds ready for weeks to come.

Another typical August activity is transplanting Fall Crops.  A crew of 4 of us spent almost an entire day transplanting cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, greens, and lettuce.  We’ve also got carrots, beets, turnips, radishes, spinach, and more direct seeded into the ground.  So when we tire of the remaining beans, squash, tomatoes, and basil from summer…a brand new crew of tasty Fall crops will be peeking their way into the shares as the weeks progress, then daylight shortens, and the temperatures drop.


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