Epic events!

A few epic events happened last week, continually amazing us with wonder and awe.  First of all, I’m sure all of us experienced the storm that rolled through town last Wednesday in very different ways.  On the farm, we were busy harvesting in the fields and notably noticed the incredible line of clouds, moving South.  As we cut, bunched, and counted cilantro or pulled, inspected, and threw peppers into bins…we continually kept one eye focused on the sky.  How could you not with such an epic contrast of colors, of light, of form? And then, in an instant the wind overwhelmed us and we headed into the shed.  Huddled in the organic shed, we avoided the drenching sideways torrent and worked on a bit of house-cleaning.  Later that afternoon, however, we were back out in the humidity, finishing the pepper harvest with increasingly heavy boots…so heavy, can you believe a few people had energy for a short running race (rain-boots, caked in mud providing the obstacle)?

Also epic was the tomato harvest on Friday.  We filled all our allotted ‘tomato-bins’ and still have another harvest this week to add to the count which we will give out at distribution on Thursday!  Get ready for tomato soup, tomato salsa, tomato sandwiches, tomato spaghetti sauce, tomato chutney, tomato lasagna, tomato juice, tomato ketchup, etc., etc.  It is wondrous when tomato plants produce more and more quality fruit week after week-an epic event in my opinion.


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