Plastic Bag or Cooler?

Since our distribution operates like a ‘buffet-line’ where we ask members to bring their own bag/box/container to bring home vegetables each week, we see everything from plastic bags to coolers.  This past week, we decided to observe and make a list of  the ‘creative vegetable carrying strategies’ and came up with quite a list.  For fun, I decided to share it with you.  Who knows, maybe you’ll see a strategy you’d prefer, either regularly or in a pinch next Thursday.

Creative vegetable carrying strategies:

Plastic grocery bags, reusable grocery bags, plastic clothing bags (think Marshall’s), paper clothing bags (think Macy’s), recycle bin, IKEA bags, laundry basket, tupperware clothing bin, black garbage sacks (think drum liners), white trash bags, cardboard box, “Dish” network box, cardboard box top, stroller, towel, paper bag, bike-pannier bag, messenger bag, backpack, bike basket, cooler, freezer bags (think large lunch bags), nothing at all (using arms, chin, or wrapped in your shirt), or carrying individually to the trunk of the car. 

Also, the Summer Solstice party pictures are now posted to Flickr and a new tab has been added above: Newsletter Archives!


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