So excited about first distribution

Can you believe this absolutely beautiful weather with intermittent downpours!  It is simply tantalizing to have such perfect days and nothing to do in the fields.  The soil gets SO close to being dry enough for us to drag-out heavy equipment and work up new plots and before we know it, the sky gets black and the plants get another soaking.  Great for existing plants, not so great for plants-in-waiting.

Regardless, work goes on as much as we can. For those of you who attended the Open House & Farm Tour, you were able to see our tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, herbs, potatoes, onions, lettuces, etc…freshly transplanted and a few different fields in various stages of planting/weeding/mowing/spading.  That week was the only week we were able to get out into the field with equipment in what feels like forever, so despite the Open House, we continued working through the event.

Other huge progress has been the assembly of our new walk-in cooler, courtesy of UK Surplus. This will allow for greater storage capacity and consistent cooling for our freshly harvested vegetables, meaning better quality produce at distribution!  Surrounding the cooler, work continues on the “packing shed”, as we are planning to enclose, expand, and improve the space where we process produce when it comes in from the fields.

This past week, with the help of our farm crew and apprentices we have been braving the wet weather and hand-weeding like pros with a few new hand tools and the fields are looking good.  In addition, apprentices have stepped-in to start making the high tunnels shine by finishing up some plastic skirts along the edges and obliterating the evil Johnson Grass (a noxious rhizome weed) that decided it would try to take over.

Amidst all this work, we are SO EXCITED for the first distribution…where we will be harvesting some of this tasty lettuce!


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