CSA Open House & Farm Tour

Don’t forget about the first event of the season-an Open House this Thursday, May 12 from 4:30-7:00 out at the farm.  Farm staff will be around to share what’s been going on out at the farm and at 5:30 we’ll take a wagon-tour of the fields so you can see exactly how your food is growing!  This is the perfect opportunity for members to see where your food comes from and meet and greet with those who are growing it.

If you’ve never been out to the farm, head south on Nicholasville Road, turn right onto Man-O’-War and take your first left at the stoplight onto the UK Horticulture Research Farm. The organic section is at the back of the farm, so head straight past the residence (on the left) and greenhouses (on your right) until you reach a smaller parking lot and the organic shed toward the back of the farm.

No RSVP is required, see you then!


2 thoughts on “CSA Open House & Farm Tour

  1. It was great getting to see the farm and all the little baby plants!! The refreshments were also wonderful. We could tell that everyone has been working really hard over there!

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