Waiting, alongside the plants.

As farmers, we like to talk about the weather.  A lot and all the time.  In this digital age, I’m sure we each have our favorite weather-tracking website as well, or if you’re like me, I have one I like for the forecast, another for the hourly predictions and a third for their radar map.  And then, sometimes none of them are right.  Take yesterday, for example.  There was a 100% chance of precipitation, specifically from 11-1 and not a drop fell until late evening.  So starting early morning, we knocked out some mowing, and then kept mowing and mowed until we couldn’t mow anymore.  We got more greenhouse work done and are almost set-up for irrigation in the high tunnels.  And during the cloudy, non-rainy day, I took my shovel out not once but twice just to be sure it was still too wet to do work out in the fields.  It was too wet and considering the steady rain this morning, it will still be too wet for another few days despite the line-up of plants needing to get out in the fields.  From tomatoes and potatoes, onions and herbs, cabbage and lettuce, cucumbers and squash, the transplants that are ready and waiting will have to continue waiting.  In the meantime, we wait alongside them.

Fatalli peppers, a Habañero-like hot pepper and the potatoes, which are indeed chitting (see their short buds growing)….both ready for the field.


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