Tomatoes & High Tunnels-is it true?

Can you believe it? Walker and I planted tomatoes in the high tunnels today!  That is a significant statement for two reasons.

1-It means we have officially FINISHED all major construction of the high tunnels.  And although that may not seem terribly exciting or significant to everyone, it is a big deal for us.  The high tunnels have been a project in the works for many months, and so although there are still some minor details to smooth-out, we are confident enough to start planting 🙂  Here’s a picture of the final step: the sliding doors, don’t they look good?

2-It also means that tomato season is officially underway.  And so although that doesn’t necessarily mean the tomatoes from the high tunnels will go towards CSA shares, tomatoes always seem to signify the true start of summer.  It might be the smell of a tomato plant, that brings back memories of a mid-summer day traipsing through the tomato patch, or the suspenseful ‘days to maturity’ that put us on edge watching to first see if fruit set, and then whether or not we can pick the fruit at perfect ripeness.  Regardless, before the first spring greens harvest, we have planted tomatoes.

We also moved all the CSA-bound tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, summer squash and cucumbers outside today.  It’s time they start to ‘harden-off’ (get used to being outside) and stop growing so nicely in the greenhouse (they are just getting too big too fast).  Who knows, if we ever get some dry weather for more than a day, we’ll call-in all the help we can get to get all kinds of plants in the ground.

After walking out to the fields to check on all our previously planted seeds and transplants, I am relieved to see that the plants continue to stay strong, even through all this soaking.  The best part is they’ve found the courage to grow, even if just a little bit.

And finally, we welcome the Sustainable Agriculture Apprenticeship class who came out for their first meeting today, taking a tour of the farm.  I, unfortunately, was too busy planting tomatoes to welcome them formally but we should be seeing them out more often as finals finish up–so officially, welcome to the farm!

listening to it rain, again,



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