Chitting Potatoes

A good part of the day on Wednesday was spent cutting up the seed potatoes.  Before planting, each potato is divided into 2-3oz pieces, each piece containing at least one “eye”.  Each of these pieces can then be planted, just like seeds, and the shoot from the eye will emerge from the ground and eventually form the potato plant. This year, we’re decided to try a new technique due to poor-emergence issues in the past. This new technique is called “chitting”.  No, that is not a typo and no I am not full of ‘chit’.  Chitting refers to the process of exposing seed potatoes to sunlight and a bit of warmth so that they produce short buds before planting, resulting in not only better emergence once planted but also earlier and heavier crop yields.  You may leave your potatoes to ‘chit’ for up to 2 weeks.  So, even though there is no sign of dry days in the near forecast, we have cut the potatoes to begin the chitting process.  When we viewed the 1200+ pounds of potatoes, it seemed quite overwhelming at first but we powered through it and will wait to see if chitted potatoes really do grow better.  Check out a few more pics on the Flickr page.


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