High tunnels, coming along.

Among our top priorities this winter and spring season has been the construction of unheated greenhouses or “high tunnels” for Dr. Krista Jacobsen’s research.  Started by the farm crew at the end of last season, the “toe-boards” and anchor posts were assembled indoors this winter, and throughout the Spring the farm crew this year have been assembling the ridges, attaching the purlins (ridge supports) and “hipboards” and are in the final stages of attaching the first layer of plastic.  The plastic is only manageable when there is little to NO wind.  If you’ve ever been out to the farm, you’ll know that it is hardly ever NOT windy.  So, when we arrived at the farm this past Thursday morning with little to no wind blowing, we got busy…and accomplished a whole lot! Next time you stop by the farm, feel free to be amazed at the progress on the 3 high tunnels behind the organic farm building.  In the meantime, we’ll still be waiting for another windless day for more plastic-attaching.  Be sure to check out the new High Tunnel photo set on the Flickr account.


2 thoughts on “High tunnels, coming along.

    • Actually, better than expected! Still all in one-piece, with no plastic ripped or metal rods bent. Although they did seem to ‘go for a ride’ and moved around quite a bit, luckily our anchors stayed strong and kept them from flying away! We spent an hour or two tightening the cable anchors today and hopefully will get the end-walls complete by next week. Crazy storm though, right? Sustained wind gusts of 45mph is pretty intense.

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